Chapter 20: A Light in the Dark

“<Shadow Step>!”


I escape to the base of a tree via the wolves’ own shadows. I quickly check my status bars:

HP: 69/74
MP: 7/43

Damn it. Damn it, damn it! This is really bad.

That last skill had cost too much mana and I’m too far away to use <Soul Eater> on the other incinerated wolf. I have just enough for one <Kinetic Barrier> but it’s useless against the alpha male, and <Fireball> is out of the question as well. To top it all off, I’ll have to kill what is left with my bare hands. This stubby hilt won’t save anyone.

The pack leader begins to howl while the rest of the pack steadily approaches. With my back against a tree, I brace myself for their onslaught. Continue reading


Side Story: Waiting Room

“Thank you Hedrick. I’m happy we could talk like this after so long.”

“So am I, but I should have come sooner. I’m sorry Helena, for everything we have done.”


My brother hangs his head in shame. I’m now resting in bed, as my body is quickly losing strength. It feels as if each step leaves more than just footprints. Continue reading

Chapter 19: Alpha Predator

It is the second night and I’m past of the point of no return. Unlike my two week journey forth, or my nine day journey back, I am running without pause and without restraint along a predetermined path. I’ve mastered my undying, unresting body, and my <Night Vision (Greater)> pierces the darkness with ease. I do not require food nor water, only a single, sufficient soul to last me five days. To save Helena, I’ll need to embrace everything that I have become. Continue reading

Chapter 17: Signs

Six days have passed, and there is no sign of Si. At this point, I have little hope for our reunion. It seems I’ll have to visit on another day, preferably with a grand tale or two. Still, these past six days have been rather productive.

Firstly, my spiritual energy gradually decreased for the first three days, but by the fourth day the decay started accelerating. I hadn’t hunted for a day prior to arriving, so my limit is at least five days. Using <Create Status>, I display my spiritual energy as an orange meter beneath the MP bar, and link my energy loss to a sense of hunger. Crest has become incredibly versatile over the past year. It may even become a master rank skill. Continue reading

Chapter 16: Back to the Life Well

I begin my long journey back to where I parted with Si. That being said, it’s been more than a year since I left, and I had spent the first two months wandering aimlessly. Although it’s impossible to retrace my footsteps, I still have another way.


“<Magic Perception>.”


My <Magic Perception> has become a greater rank skill, extending my line of sight and granting the ability to distinguish between different types of mana. Naturally, this includes pure mana found in the World Stream. Continue reading