Chapter 12: You’re a Wizard, Tyler

“What’s wrong Enbos? Is it another Blue Bear!?”

“No, no, I’m sorry for the sudden yell. It has been months since I levelled up.”

“Levelled… up?”


Seeing Helena tilt her head, the truth finally dawns on me. There is no such thing as levels in this world. For everyone else, growth is a continuous and gradual process, but… what about me?

Does each level simply update my stats? Is this sensation nothing more than a placebo?

No. Some of my skills have noticeably changed from levelling up. Moreover, I’ve confirmed my stats do refresh in real time. Whenever I don my cloak, I get an additional three points to defence and a negative point to agility. But if I’m using a RPG system, why is it having a real world effect?

Also, if levels are a foreign idea, what about changing classes?


“I’ll explain later, but for now, I’m going to change my class,” I tell Helena as I gauge her reaction.

She still appears confused, but goes on to say, “You’re going to change your class? Shouldn’t it be you have changed your class? I wasn’t aware you had such aspirations.”


I see. While mine appears to be automatic, it is the norm to work towards a desired class. I’m playing by a different rule set than the rest of Garea!

In any case, let’s take a look at my options:


<Requisites met for two possible classes.>


It seems certain conditions exist for a new class. I guess I can’t power level myself to an undead god.


<Skeletal Warrior: Grants higher physical parameters. Proficiency in melee skills.
Skeletal Mage: Grants higher magical parameters. Proficiency in magic skills.>


Wait a second, is this my chance to learn magic? Will my mana pool finally reach the twenties? Sure it would be nice to move faster and hit harder, but I’m not taking it over fireballs, raising the earth, and using <Shadow Step> more than once!

Besides, I have the perfect instructor by my side. I’ll have another reason to stay…

<Class Change: Skeletal Mage selected.
Beginning conversion.>


My body starts emitting a ghostly hue. I feel energy reinvigorate my every marrow. Helena watches in amazement as the glow beneath my cloak subsides.


<Class Change: Skeletal Mage complete.
Soul Core (Basic) has evolved to Soul Core (Greater).
Soul Eater (Basic) has evolved to Soul Eater (Greater).
Enhance Mind (Basic) has evolved to Enhance Mind (Greater).
Dark Resistance obtained.>


“<Create Status>!”


Name: N/A
Race: Undead

Class: Skeletal Mage
Level: 1
HP: 31/61
MP: 5/25

Max HP: 61 (↑7)
Max MP: 25 (↑11)
Attack: 19 (17+2) (↑1)
Defence: 16 (13+3) (↑1)
Magic: 11 (↑6)
Resilience: 13 (↑5)
Agility: 18 (19-1) (↑2)
Integrity: 63 (↑8)

Unique Skills: Ruler of One
Innate Skills: Night Vision (Greater) | Create Status (High) | Soul Core (Greater) | Soul Eater (Greater) | Enhance Mind (Greater) | Parallel Thought (Basic)
Extra Skills: Heavy Strike (Greater) | Shadow Step (Greater) | Project Voice (Greater) | Sneak (Basic) | Fortify (Basic)
Magic Skills:
Custom Skills:
Skill Points: 130/150

Affinities: Spirit | Dark
Resistances: Nullify Manipulation | Nullify Mental Impairment | Nullify Pain | Nullify Metabolism | Nullify Fatigue | Nullify Ailment | Temperature Resistance | Decay Resistance | Dark Resistance
Weaknesses: Holy Weakness | Blunt Weakness

Titles: Worldfarer | Hunter
Blessings: None
Equipment: Dull Iron Short Sword | Wooden Mask | Boots | Cloak* | Gloves*
Items: Book*


At long last, my MP is no longer a pitiful puddle! The class change probably counts as a free level, in addition to reaching the cap. More importantly, my class level has been reset to one.


<Soul Core (Greater): Store soul instead of returning it to World Stream. (Maximum Capacity: 10)>


Store soul!? Why would I need to store a soul? I suppose it explains the <Soul Eater> description in regards to needing a container. Speaking of which…


<Soul Eater (Greater): Increased life absorption. Allows mana absorption.>


I now have a method of replenishing my MP outside of waiting for half an hour.


<Enhance Mind (Greater): Increase mental processing speed. Increase concentration.>


Most of these changes are suitable for a mage, especially the larger mana pool, although I can’t help notice one small detail…

I have no magic skills whatsoever.


“Enbos, what did you do? Your mana suddenly grew, and is now flowing through your body more freely than a moment ago! Did you really change your class just now?”


It seems Helena can perceive the flow of mana. Is that how she noticed the bear’s ice magic?

Anyway, there’s only one thing left to do…




“I have an important request… Please teach me magic!”


3 thoughts on “Chapter 12: You’re a Wizard, Tyler

  1. woh interesting, a Mage path has been choosen

    maybe it will evolve like this

    Skeleton->Skeleton Mage->Skeleton Wizard->Lich->Elder Lich->Death Lord->Overlord->No Life King/Emperor ->The God of Death.

    maybe 😀 or maybe not 😀


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