Chapter 33: Spirit Theory

We call over a dozen people to help cut up and load half the Rakertus onto a sturdy cart. It’s being pulled by two abnormally tall goats called Yagi. They’re the Nomura clan’s beasts of burden, and they’re also a source of milk, fur, hide and meat. Since the Yagi come from a remote mountain valley, humans have yet to domesticate them.

We return to the village and are showered by everyone’s cheers. The hunting party is now the centre of attention. As a crowd gathers around Chiyoko to commend her success, I try to sneak away from the rowdy bunch, but I am noticed by a certain kobold.

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Chapter 32: Two Quarter Circles, Three Punches

“Be on your guard. The beast this time is particularly ferocious, but we need the food for the journey ahead.”


To prepare for the migration, me, Chiyoko and four other kobolds are hunting a Rakertus, a four-ton carnivorous lizard. It’s rarely hunted due to its vicious nature, and it’s Chiyoko’s first time hunting one as the party leader. When I ask why we’re targeting such risky game, Chiyoko snaps at me saying, “You’re part of the reason!” I’m sorry, but I don’t know why I’m at fault here! Continue reading

Chapter 31: Home is Where the Humeris is

After the feast, all the villagers turn in for the night, leaving me alone with the Nomura family. We discuss the finer points of my joining and postpone my arrangements til tomorrow.

With nothing better to do, I lay in the middle of the village and gaze at the stars. I would love to keep studying necromancy, but I have this gnawing suspicion that I’m being watched. For now, let’s just ignore it and think about something else. Continue reading

Chapter 30: A Feast for the Eyes

What kind of harassment is this? Actually, isn’t this a form of torture?

At the behest of the Nomura head, the entire village is now sitting outside around a long mat filled with various dishes. I’m next to Takashi at the end of the mat, giving everyone a good view of me. Please don’t stare. I’m figuratively sweating bullets here.

The food being served looks like Japanese cuisine. While the presentation is similar, the ingredients are obviously different. The “rice” are light green beans and the meat is mostly lizard. The shape of the tempura also makes me curious of their contents. Despite all this, it still looks somewhat appetising, which only adds to my frustration.

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Chapter 29: Worldfarer

“Will you be alright, Enbos?” asks Hachirou, as he holds my skull and jaw in place.

“Yeah, my mana will hold everything together and the fractures will disappear once I… um, “eat”.”


“Actually, I’m happier my mask didn’t break. It’s a good thing she hit me beneath my chin and my head came off so easily.”

“No it was not! My daughter was too disrespectful.” Continue reading