Chapter 48: Rising from the Blackness

Knock, knock, knock…


From the other side of the boulder, I hear three knocks signal the end of my five day training. I return the gesture and after a few moments, the boulder finally begins to budge. Sunlight spills into the cave as I make out two figures standing at the entrance.

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Chapter 47: Me, Myself and Bonny

How long has it been?

Actually, I know exactly how long it has been: 49 hours, 17 minutes and 5 seconds increasing.

For the past two days I’ve been locked inside the Dead Zone, slowly mastering the spirit art of <Life Tap>. To prevent anyone or anything else from entering, the exit has been sealed. On the fifth day, Takashi will return to remove the boulder and hopefully find a moving skeleton… well, MY moving skeleton.

If I die will I return as a forsaken undead? I have a feeling I would, but I’m not sure if I’ll stay the same person. Hrm, it might be something I want to investigate as soon as I leave this desolate hole.

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Change in Schedule

I really don’t want to do this, but things are going to get busier for a while. I regret to inform everyone but I’ll only be releasing a chapter a week for an indefinite period, effective now. It will be posted each Friday, though I may throw in an extra one if life permits.

I hope you all understand. Personally, I really want to finish this arc, with all the things I have up my sleeve, but I guess I’ll just have to be patient…

Thank you everybody for reading.



Calcium Oxide


Chapter 45: Warmth of Family

“Are there still no signs, Enbos?”

“No. At times he has stirred, but otherwise nothing has changed.”

“I see. Even so, I suggest you take a break. You have literally not moved from here for the past two days.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve waited for far longer. As for you Takashi, you need to rest. You’re deadbeat and we don’t need another corpse in the room.”

“… I understand. Please tell me when my son wakes up.”

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Chapter 44: Fade to White

The weather has only grown heavier. I can no longer see my branch in the distance, and yet I do not turn back. I can’t turn back. I can’t bear to look at him or hear his words, not without the crushing guilt and weakness that follow.

It was impossible for me from the beginning. How could I show my face before my entire family? They’re as far out of my reach as the stars in the sky. I’m not a born leader like Michio, a talented fighter like Chiyoko or a master craftsman like Takumi. There is nothing but spite and self-loathing within my heart. Worse, if I did attend he will be sitting right beside me, the second coming of my long deceased brother… Continue reading