Hiatus! I hate that word…

Unfortunately, I’ll be taking a break from writing until the 13th of June due to RL. On the bright side, I should be able to return to my three-chapter routine for a few weeks after my hiatus. I’m sorry for announcing this and as always I thank you for reading my story.



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Chapter 51: Sayonara, Nomura Takashi

Today, Takashi announced his retirement to the entire clan. While many of the elders foresaw this development, most of the kobolds were greatly perturbed, especially those who belong to our branch. Since their earliest moments, Takashi has always been a monumental existence, and with his departure, a void has been left in the heart of our community. Chiyoko was especially affected, after inheriting her father’s mantle and being entrusted with the wellbeing of over a hundred kobolds. On top of all this, the village’s reserves can’t sustain our branch for the rest of winter, which is why we’re leaving in two weeks’ time.

As I watch the Nomura clan react to this news, I’m burdened by a growing sense of melancholy as everybody wishes Takashi a long and prosperous life. Nobody has any idea how precious this remaining time is and it’s too late to tell them. Not without dragging the entire clan into despair. Continue reading

Delay of Chapter 51

After much consideration, I don’t think I’m happy with chapter 51. I may have to rewrite half of it. As such, I will be delaying it’s release until Tuesday. I’m sorry for this sudden announcement.



Calcium Oxide


Chapter 50: At Peace

“Hello Takashi. I didn’t expect to see you here.”

“Hrm? You don’t sound very surprised.”

“That’s because I’ve been expecting this to happen for a lo~ng time. The only surprising thing is it took until now. Speaking of which, when did you find out?”

“Find out what? About your intention to resurrect your teacher, Helena? Then only recently. If it’s about your necromancy, I’ve had my suspicions ever since you told me your story.”

“The first day, huh?”


He finds a fallen log to use as a seat while I stand before him like an accused before a judge.

Continue reading

Chapter 49: Equivalent Exchange

It’s early in the morning but the streets are still shrouded in darkness as the surrounding mountains delay the arrival of the sun. With no one on the road to intercept me, I smoothly make my way to the home of Nomura Takumi. He’s Takashi’s fifth son and he’s responsible for the Nomura clan’s magical research and production of enchanted items. Due to his important position, all collected or written spell tomes are pooled at his place, forming a sizable magician’s library. Continue reading