Delay of Chapter 51

After much consideration, I don’t think I’m happy with chapter 51. I may have to rewrite half of it. As such, I will be delaying it’s release until Tuesday. I’m sorry for this sudden announcement.



Calcium Oxide


10 thoughts on “Delay of Chapter 51

  1. do your best !! i hope you can create amazing story ^^ or at least more better than berofe it’s being rewritten ^^


  2. btw, if we talking about fantasy, Sword and Magic world, it will not be complete, if in that world not have item that usually called Magic Stone / Magic Crystal / Magic Core / Demon Core / Monster Core.

    well, they are all almost the same, maybe Magic Crystal/Magic stone can be found in the Nature, in The Mine, Volcano, Ice mountain, Deep Sea, etc. different place will give birth different element of magic Crystal. and Magic Crystal/Magic stone it can also be found inside the Brain / Stomach High Lv Monster and the element of Magic Crystal/Magic stone are depend on the Monster base element.

    some of Magic Crystal/Magic stone made of 2 element, some have 3 element, the rare one have 4 element, the most rarest have 5 element, some legend said there are Magic stone that have 6,7,8,9,10, and so on, even There are mystical one that have all element inside Magic Crystal/Magic stone.

    the element that we know
    Nature/Wood, Metal, Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Lightning/Thunder, Ice, Lava, Light, Darkness, Life, Death, Gravity, Space, Time.

    what is the use of an item called Magic Crystal/Magic stone ?
    -it can be used as a core to make magic tool
    -it can be used as a core for a City, Kingdom and Jail Barrier magic
    -it can be used as a core for magic weapon
    -it can be used as a core for magic armor
    -it can be used as a core for magic Accessories.
    -it can be used as a Currency in some novel
    -it can be used as a Core for Gigantic Magic Cannon.
    -it can be used as a Core for Golem
    -it can be used as a Core for Magic Doll
    -it can be used as a Core for Automata
    -it can be used as magic ingredient.
    -it can be used as ingredient for making Homunculus, or a Core of Homunculus
    -it can be sell to a Collector.
    -if you have a skill or unique magic, you can combine the element and make a Magic Crystal/Magic stone that have a lot of element, even maybe can create all Elemental Magic Crystal/Magic stone[Rainbow Colored Magic Crystal].

    an Example Magic Weapon that can easy be made and so dangerous is Ultra High Hyper Vibration Sword from novel Magi Craft Meister.

    and if we talking about fantasy, Sword and Magic world, in that world, Because of the existence of mana and magic, you can find a Fantasy metal that can’t be find in the Earth.

    They are..
    -Mithril / Mythril ore
    -Orichalcum ore
    -Adamantium/Adamantite ore [it based on Adam name]
    -Eventium ore [it based on Eve name]
    -Emperium ore
    -Eternium ore
    -Abyssilium ore
    -Hellium ore
    -Magic Alloy
    -Elemetal Ore [fire ore, water ore, wind ore, ,wind ore, lightning ore, etc.]
    -new type that MC can make with magic just like Hyper Adamantium and Hyper Orichalcum from novel Magi Craft Meister, he used Magic to Compress dozens or hundreds Tons of Adamantium or an Orichalcum that filled hundred meter square, to become a big round ball Adamantium or an Orichalcum with 1 meter diameter!! by compressing Adamantium/Orichalcum ore with 10 times/ 100 times / 1000 times or more it will increase the Metal hardness, Increase the Atom synapsis / Atom Bond, Increase the Molecule / Chemical bond, in return it also will decrease the total weight[like before compressed it have 1 Ton weight, after compressed it have 10KG Weight, the more high Compresion Scale, the more pressure required, the Mana required,the more control required, the more mental power required and the more powerful magic required].


      1. i found it on chapter 26

        white stone walls stand out against the wooden backdrop: the town church. Engraved at its base are several runes that resemble Si’s healing magic. I’m guessing those inside receive accelerated recovery

        maybe that part ?

        That surprised me, i never thought it used Magic Cores ^^, i thought it’s just Rune magic and some Acolyte or priest Needed to pour a holy / light Type Mana to use it, or maybe the Rune will buff/Enhanced the Healing Magic effect when the person inside it. it’s pass my mind back there, that the energy used by the rune are from magic core ahahaha you got me there ^^ now it become more interesting 😀


  3. It takes a lot of time and effort to imprint a magic circle, as I recently learnt. The power of an enchantment depends on the materials, inscription and mana imbued. The best ones are those with a magic core, which functions like a battery. They’re harvested from magical beasts and vary in quality and sometimes functionality.

    oh that part, i missed it, or maybe i read it and forget it. it’s my fault for reading to many novel and manga ahahaha :D.

    so he already learn it, maybe from her Sensei ?, that’s good then, so he will not forgot to harvest it and do some of experiment with it :D.

    anime, manga, novel, fanfic, there are a lot of them, i hope 1 day 48 hours IoI, 1 day 24 hours still not enough ahahaha :D.

    Btw, there are some of treasure that looks like a Magic Core, but it’s not magic core;

    -A Spherical crystal that formed by nature and inside the Crystal Sphere it have some kind of mysterious/ancient charakter. Looks at Dragon Ball as example, that Shiny Crystal ball with stars are a real treasure, not a magic core
    -Dragon eyes from Powerful Dragon like Bahamut, Tiamat, Fafnir, a round crystal with reptilian eyes and it have dragon aura emit from it, this item often come out in the anime, like socketed in the middle of guard sword part, it’s between the blade and the handle. some time you can found Dragon eyes in the armor, rings, Necklaces and Grimoire.
    -Demon Eyes from Powerful Arch Demon, Ancient Demon, Demon God, like Baphomet, Medusa. Garm, Fenrir, etc. in anime,novel, manga, it’s usually can be found socketed in the sword, armor, ring, Necklaces and Grimoire.
    -Devil Eyes from Powerful Devil like Lucifer, Beelzebub, Astaroth, Asmodeus, etc. in anime, novel, manga, it’s usually can be found socketed in the sword, armor, ring, Necklaces and Grimoire.
    -God Eyes, in anime,novel, manga, it’s usually can be found socketed in the sword, armor, ring, Necklaces and Divine Compendium/Book/Bible.
    -Angel Eyes, in anime,novel, manga, it’s usually can be found socketed in the sword, armor, ring, Necklaces and Sacred Magic Compendium/ Book
    -A Mimic Monster that Mimicked a form of Magic core, if you are not careful, your hand will be biten and gone to it’s stomach.
    -A monster that it’s looks 100% similar to that of Monster Core and when it’s Touched it will Exploded!! usually can be found inside a dungeon as a trap, Similar to a certain pokemon IoI. if you can collect it, you can use it like as a Grenade, or a trap for greedy People.
    -Heart some of kind of Creature, a heart with shaper Round Crystal just like magic core, but it’s beating and still alive.

    That Unique item that similar of Magic Core, usually grand the Wielder/The Holder/Contractor a Tremendous power and ability, an example Medusa Eyes can grand a Petrification Ability. it’s an interesting thing if he can collect some of it, be it with battle to death, or with some luck to accidently find it 😀


  4. oh talking about eyes, sometime a skeleton on higher Tier have Mystic eyes, or even have 3rd eyes for their Mystic eyes, it’s different eyes from undead that has already have 3,4,5 ++ eyes before they died and become an Undead. it’s also different from Undead that has already having Mystic eyes, before it’s dead and become an undead.


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