Delay of Chapter 58

The writing isn’t going as smoothly as I like, and quite frankly I think I should be taking more care with this chapter and the ones succeeding it. As such, I’ll be pushing the release of Chapter 58 to Wednesday.

Thank you for reading and I hope you understand.



Calcium Oxide


Chapter 57: Prelude to Disaster

A night has passed since the collapse of the gate into the ruins and we’re now peacefully making our back way to Lennon. It’s the closest town with an adventurers guild in these lands and for once I’m not dreading the idea of returning. In fact, I’m excited to hand in my first quest. It’ll be like receiving my first pay check… again. Thinking of the simple joys of being an adventurer, I look back at my partner to find an unexpectedly disheartened kobold.

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Chapter 56: Indiana Bones

“Keep running, Hachirou! Don’t look back!”

“How… How many!?”

“Too many! Just run!”


As if mocking our desperate flight, the high pitched jeers of the winged ones accompany our every step. The foreboding toll in the unholy cathedral had drawn them in like moths to a light. We tried evading them quietly but were quickly discovered, thus abandoning any pretence of stealth. Considering they don’t hunt with sight in this dark, I can only guess they rely on echolocation which makes hiding near impossible. Without needing to turn around, my <Spectral Sense> is picking up more than half a dozen signatures, and with each seemingly abandoned corridor we pass, the number only keeps on rising.

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Chapter 54: Life Fall

Life fall. Similar to its counterpart the life well, it is a stationary point in the World Stream where mana and souls flow. However, unlike its fellow phenomenon which flows from the earth to the heavens, a life fall flows from the heavens to the earth. They are fewer in number and can encompass large areas, but do not differ in any other respect. However, the most notable thing about life falls lies not in its natural mechanics but its consequential effect on life.

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