Chapter 64: A Kobold’s Life

Somewhere, deep in the forest under the orange dusk sky, I bury the five deceased adventurers. I finish their graves with wooden crosses, place a small offering and finish paying my respects. Just like with my conjurer, I’m doing this solely for my own humanity rather than any affection for these people. History seems to be repeating itself and I have to wonder if anything has changed…

No, I’m well aware that I have changed, I just… don’t know who I want to be. Hachirou believes in my compassion, and I’m sure Helena and Yuki believed in it as well. After all, one of the reasons Helena gifted me this mask was to symbolise my kindness. Still, I cannot deny these emotions dwelling in the corner of my heart.

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Delay, Break and Change of Schedule

Update 16/07/16: I’m sorry for the impromptu decision, but I’ll be delaying Chapter 64 by several more days. I won’t give a specific date as I’m unsure.


Due to an important event taking place tomorrow, I’ll be delaying Chapter 64 until Friday the 15th. In addition, seeing as it’s the last chapter of the second arc and another important thing is happening next week, I’ll be taking a 1-2 week break after it’s release. On top of all this, it’s been a good run but the release schedule will return to a chapter per week every Friday after my break.

So basically:

Release ch.64 on Friday -> 1-2 week hiatus -> Chapter every Friday


Thank you for supporting my story up to this point. The site has actually crossed 200 000 views, and I hope to continue writing into the future. Also, feel free to drop your honest opinions about the second arc in the comments. I know it was very flawed but I want to do better in the next arc.

I hope you all find something to marathon.



Calcium Oxide


Chapter 63: As White as Snow

Enbos the Black is a formidable foe. Although I’m injured, he would still be difficult to face if I wasn’t. Despite his slim frame and unnaturally light weight, his physical strength and agility are almost on par with mine. I have yet to draw blood and his cloak protected him from Dario’s knives. I have no doubt in my mind that he has reinforced his body with a multitude of spells, and it shows in the way he fights. He seems used to handling a sword, but he is not used to fighting with it. During our clash, he left several openings and failed to discern all my feints, and the only reason I haven’t killed him yet is due to his solid reflexes, surprising flexibility and physical condition. Actually, I suspect he’s also using magic in that regard since I cannot discern any fatigue in his voice or his movements. I do not know when or how he prepared so many buffs, but it doesn’t matter.

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Chapter 62: As Black as Soot

“En-… bos?”

“In the bone. Sorry for being late. I crossed paths with a few scouts from Lennon and took responsibility for investigating the smoke.”

“And Hachirou?”

“He’ll be arriving in a bit.”

“Enbos the Black? What are you doing here and why can you speak their tongue!?”

“These kobolds are my benefactors. I will not let you kill them.”

“Do not joke with me! My friends are all dead because of her! Release your spell and let me end this!”


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Chapter 61: Path of the Akuma

I remember the first time I ever tapped into the <Surge of Murderous Intent>. Five months had passed since Hayate and mother passed away, and I spent every waking moment training to be stronger. I swore I would protect my family, and to do so I needed more power. Power to crush any foe, power to succeed my father, power to protect my kind. The sight of Hachirou consumed by his depression and the unified grief of my kin upon returning to Yamagakure only reinforced this belief. I was too afraid to wallow in sorrow, too afraid to lament my own weakness. I buried those thoughts with my hatred for humanity and pursuit of absolute strength, and without knowing, it all resulted in a sudden change…

It was a cold morning outside the Dead Zone of Dragon’s Spine. I was practising a basic spirit art I had used countless times, and normally it would leave nothing more than a scratch on a stone, but on this particular occasion…

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Chapter 60: Fanning the Flames

Thank goodness Amelia casted her magic in time! The kobold next to their leader was about to gut Mark with a knife! Their village is now in disarray, but it’s nowhere near as chaotic as we need. Their chief is giving instructions to fight the fires and move towards the river. Amelia is probably too tired to cast any more spells, so it’s all on me to throw these kobolds back into panic.


“Come at me, you monster! I will not let you kill my friend!”

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Chapter 59: Between Leaders and Monsters

With the effects of the poison wearing off, the kobold hunters drop Mark back on his feet and force him to walk through their encampment. Looking around, the sight of domelike tents, complex tools and domesticated beasts continue to unravel Mark’s grave misconceptions. Having lived in the Reinsol countryside for most of his life, this foreign scene would have fascinated him, if not for the air of scorn and fear following in his wake. They all know what he has done, and Mark has little hope he will leave this place alive.

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