Chapter 68: Saint or Sinner?

Hello, this is Enbos, and I’m currently locked inside a cage in the deepest part of this mine with my good friend Hachirou! Continue reading


Chapter 67: B.I.H.S.

“Hahahaha! You know, it feels good to finally outwit that scoundrel. By the time he realises, I hope he regrets ever examining your katana!”

“Sigh, you know, you’ve been in a disturbingly pleasant mood since parting with Mr Balaur.”

“And why shouldn’t I? After everything he’s done to me, the idea that I’m going to return the favour and set him on a wild goose chase has definitely made my day.”

“Honestly Enbos, this all seems rather petty of you to do.”



Maybe I shouldn’t be stooping to Sepesh’s level, but I like to think it was the only way to get anything useful out of that lowlife. After all, he completely rescinded the offer regarding the bribe as if it was doomed from the start. Now, with our new arrangement, there’s no way he’ll betray his word.

The sun is barely above the horizon as we make our way to an “abandoned” outpost some distance away from Catorrem. There’s no one else around on this overgrown road, and yet the width of the path reveals its former glory.

I raise the package that resulted from our negotiations up to the setting sun and think back to earlier today… Continue reading

Chapter 66: A Bone to Pick

Good morning! My name is Thomas Hein and today is going to be a wonderful day!

For those who are curious, I am but a simple farmer, tending to the communal fields and growing my own crops on my family land. My home lies on the outskirts of the great merchant city of Catorrem, and I relish every opportunity to walk among its grand buildings and lively streets and, of course, sell my precious produce to the people. It brings me indescribable joy for my lovingly grown leafy greens to gift a smile on somebody’s face, so much so that I wouldn’t mind living on the fields for all my life. Of course, not every year is bountiful, but this spring I’ve been blessed by spirits, which is why I’m visiting the city on this fine day.

I’m currently riding my old yet trusty donkey as he pulls along a hefty cart full of the fruits, or rather vegetables, of my labours. The seeds I sowed back in autumn have grown over the cold winter into firm, green bulbs full of delicious, crispy leaves: a bunch of my finest cabbages. Even among my peers, I dare say my cabbages will not lose to theirs. While it will not be my first trip for the spring, I hope to earn enough to buy a leg of ham and fix the roof of my humble abode.

I leisurely approach the seemingly impregnable walls of Catorrem in the distance, and with every metre passed I feel excitement stir in my heart. After five minutes of travel, the busy city gates come into view, and in another five, I hear the lively sounds of the market on the other side. Continue reading