Chapter 70: Crying Not Raining

Several hours have passed since Hachirou and I left the safety of Catorrem’s walls and began our four-day trek towards our next stop. As we leave the wheat fields behind us, the last rays of the sun are blocked by the surrounding trees. Hachirou’s mask is enchanted with <Night Vision> using the same magic core back from our first quest, so travelling a night shouldn’t be a problem. However, looking up at the sky there appear to be rain clouds gathering, and I’m starting to regret not booking another night at the Golden Griffon Inn. Soon enough my fears are realised as countless drops pitter-patter on my mask and we immediately retreat to the shade of a large and ancient tree. I cast <Kinetic Barrier> and project it from the trunk to provide better cover. Continue reading


Side Story: The Price is Wight

“… Thank you for your purchase. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.”


After a brief exchange of prices, I bid farewell to the woman who has just bought my bracelet for three times the cost to stock it. It’s a good start to another day in the marketplace, but my overall returns have yet to justify my visit to Catorrem. My name Morris Finlay and I’m a trader of novel accessories and small trinkets. For the past seven years of my life, I clawed my way from a lowly labourer to a lowly pedlar, and I plan to keep filling my coffers until I can live a comfortable life.

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Chapter 69: Catorrem

The great merchant city of Catorrem. The first step on the Velvet Road and the final major city before entering the Lysium Theocracy. This is the second time I’m looking upon its imposing ramparts, and yet the awe I feel now is incomparable to the last. Seeing it in person is an entirely different experience to watching from the perspective of a donkey. For one thing, I can turn my head and truly admire the scale of this circular construct, and examine the intricate enchantments reinforcing its walls. A massive magic circle encompassing the entire city has been inscribed beneath its moat, intercepting the mana streams flowing towards its life well and distributing the energy across every district. The magic circle also doubles as a large scale defensive spell, and I can’t help but marvel at the magical engineering on display. Anticipation swells inside me for what lays within, as the top of grand structures peek over Catorrem’s already towering fortifications.



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Delay because of… (Slams head on table)

Sorry, I’m having a slight case of writer’s block, so I will probably not release Chapter 69 until this Saturday. I hope you understand.

Also, I’m thinking about writing a more light-hearted comedy that I’ll update whenever I feel like it, and I’m contemplating adding a donation button. These things will not affect the release of Is it Reincarnation if I’m Still Dead? (I really need to think of a good acronym) and I would like to read your opinions.



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