Chapter 72: Vivian Forest Expedition, Day 0

“Really!? You want to work with us after all?”

“That’s right. The reward isn’t a concern for us either. We figured it’d be best accept your original proposal. Of course, if you’d like, we can stop cooperating once we cross the forest.”

“No, no, no, we would be overjoyed to work with you! Heck, if you want, we could give you the entire reward!”

“You don’t have to go that far. I’m thinking of divvying the payment to cover all our expense. If there is any money left, we’ll share it fairly. What do you think?”

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Chapter 71: Two’s a Party, Six is a Crowd

It’s our second day in the village of Uradale, and like the morning before, I’m reviewing my findings in the tavern while Hachirou sits quietly by side. This village is a simple logging outpost and it’s the closest location to our client settlement. There are plans to establish a new trade route to the Lysium Theocracy that runs through these places, making it the most efficient path to complete our quest before crossing the border. However, the road between Uradale and the client settlement is still unfinished, and reaching our destination will require crossing the infamous Vivian Forest. Continue reading