Chapter 74: Vivian Forest Expedition, Day 2

“Come on, hurry up everyone! I wanna get movin’ way before da Treants do!”

“We’re almost done, Mr- *Yawn*.”

“Wat, ya still feelin’ sleepy, Sen?”

“I’m not really at fault, since Minna-”

“Did you say something, Sen?”

“N-no, it’s nothing! Now, let’s quickly pack everything and get going!”

“Well, at least ya being lively…”


It’s early in the morning and the sun has yet to enter our sight, but the orange tinted clouds in the east beckon its inevitable arrival. Unlike the evening, time is short as the Treants will soon start moving under the light of the sun. Within half an hour, everybody is ready to depart for another tension filled trip through the Vivian Forest. Well, almost everybody.

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Side Story: Vivian Forest Expedition, Night 1

Since coming to this world, I had to quickly adapt to my sleepless condition as my ceaseless state of consciousness was slowly driving me insane. It’s one of the reasons I always narrate to myself, and why I welcome anything to occupy my attention. Because most living things sleep during this time, I often imagine myself as the ruler of this silent and serene world, free to do whatever I please. However, on this particular occasion it was no longer the case, as each member took turns to brave the lonely night. My usual freedom had become hours of conscious stillness, and with nothing better to do after Hachirou’s shift and mine ended… I started observing the visitors of my moonlit realm. Yes, it’s an invasion of privacy, but it’s not my fault they’re mistaking the time they have as their own. Continue reading