Chapter 78: Someplace Far Away

After four days of travelling through the Vivian Forest, we emerge from a curtain of foliage to find a vast, open plain. As welcome as the change of scenery may be, I spot a more uplifting sight in the distance: a large cluster of buildings.


“Is that the village we’re here to assist?”

“Ya guessed it, kid. Dat bunch of stacks over dere is my home village, Kasseus.”

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Chapter 77: Vivian Forest Expedition, Day End

“*Hah, hah* Finally, w-we’re here. W-we can finally take a break.”

“Thank goodness, we’re safe… Um, i-it is safe here, r-right Mr Kell?”

“Haha, ya don’t hafta worry about anyfing, kid. Dis spot is da safest place in da whole Vivian Forest.”

“I-I’m just glad to be out of the rain. I can barely feel my fingers or toes.”

“I’ll go get a fire started. I should haff a pile o’ wood stashed around ‘ere somewhere.”

“Please do. In the meantime, I guess I’ll go check our supplies.”

“I’ll illuminate the cave.”

“I-I’ll lay out the blankets and-”

“Don’t you dare do anything, Sen! Let Norf and Hachirou take over. That applies to you too, Enbos!”

“A-aye ma’am…”

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