Chapter 79: An Ode

Standing in silence, I watch as Lili offers a prayer to the unnamed grave. She finishes with a wave of her sceptre, and allows Sen and Norf to begin unearthing the resident below. Sen’s pace slows with every scoop, but eventually the tightly covered body is revealed to the light once more. In this world, the dead are bound in layers of cloth instead of a coffin. Once buried, it is a crime to unwrap a corpse… unless you’re a member of the clergy. Taking great care to move the body, Norf lays the bundle on the surface where Lili begins unravelling the cloth with evident experience. No one can blame Sen and Minna for looking away, the pain of seeing someone they once knew reduced to such a state. For a horrifying instant, I’m reminded of the bloodied wrappings that covered Yuki, and quickly shake my head of those memories.

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