Chapter 81: Beetle-Juked

Rousing at the crack of dawn, we split into two teams of three before setting off to begin the hunt. Each group has a bag of bait, a quota of fifteen beetles and an entire day before we rendezvous at camp. While I was expecting Lili to end up on my team, it seems yesterday’s argument has convinced the party otherwise. Relieved by this decision, I team up with Hachirou and Minna before setting off with some peace of mind.

Arriving at the water hole, we inspect the traps we laid the previous day. The centrepiece of our plan is a large magical circle of my own design. It’s inscribed to ensnare a few beetles at a time while I suffocate them from outside. Of course, I left the trap incomplete to avoid catching something during the night.

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Chapter 80: Otherworldly Philosophy

“Good morning Sen.”

“Good morning Minna. Is Lili still packing up?”

“She’s finishing her prayers. Where’s Enbos and Hachirou?”

“They haven’t left their room just ye- Ah, there they are!”

“Good morning everyone. Sorry for the delay, but we’re finally ready.”

“W-we had to clean up the room before we left. I hope you did not wait long.”

“Not at all, Hachirou. Once Lili arrives we can finally head to Tiel Woods.”

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