Chapter 86: Struggle for Life

“Damn it, one of them just set fire to a building!

“They don’t have enough people to fight it! If this goes badly, we could lose the village!”

“W-what should we do? Should we help the others draw water from the well?”

“We can’t very well leave our posts. Somebody needs to stay behind.”

“Then go, you guys. I’ll stay behind to watch over the prisoners.”

“God bless you, sister. Now, let’s go!”

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Chapter 85: Skele-teur

“Search the room! They couldn’t have vanished into thin air!”

“There’s nothing, George! The cellar is empty!”

“Wait, look! The brickwork over here has collapsed! They must have used earth magic to dig their way out!”

“Curses! Spread out around the inn and hunt them down! With an injured companion weighing them down, they can’t be far! Deliver them to our Lord!”

“What about the two we caught?”

“Throw them with the others. They’ll make fine sacrifices for His Holiness.”

“Of course, George. For Maleosis!”


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