Side Story: Hierarch

By the light of a dwindling candle, an aged man is busy writing on an oaken desk. There are no windows or alternate sources of light, and yet he is working as if he were outside in the day. Although the lighting is poor, it cannot hide the lustre of his golden hair lined with silver, or the cool of his grey eyes. His black robes are embroidered with golden thread, creating runes that seemingly glow on his shadow-cast figure. While extravagant, it is in no way an exaggeration of his authority or his might. Even insects and small critters dare not approach his imposing form. A silver quill is in his muscular hand, and although a single error would spoil his work, he is writing with such fluidity and pose that even the most experienced scholars would be in awe. Incredibly, he is only half aware of his actions as the lines are already formed in his heart. The rest of his attention is being spent on future plans, all for the sake of his beloved god. Continue reading


Chapter 89: From the Ashes

We tried to be reasonable… We tried to be good… But it seems we can’t escape this bloodstained fate. In truth, we were afraid of confronting our inner demons and tried hiding behind the memory of Tyler Suesa. We kept rejecting the darkness in our hearts when in reality they were the truest remnant of our past life. Continue reading