Chapter 95: Beyond Human

“What… is this?”


As I charge towards his waiting form, I sense something is horribly wrong. While Tascus himself hasn’t physically changed, his magical energy is rising quickly. Naturally, I wonder where all his power is coming from, but then I realise… he’s contorting the very mana stream running beneath the land. He’s drawing power directly from the World Stream, but unlike the pure energy that forms its ethereal waters, it’s a chaotic concoction with the same horrid sensation as my activated Pact. The injection of power continues to intensify, and within moments, two large rings of dark mana materialise behind him, hovering close to his back with one positioned inside the other. The mana is so thick that the rings are visible to the naked eye, resembling a pair of obsidian halos that make a mockery of the Path of Eden’s symbol. While it is certainly an ominous spectacle, I’m far more perturbed by the fact that his already impressive pool of mana… has increased threefold.

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