Updated chapter titles

Don’t worry, I’m not announcing a delay. I’m just letting readers (as of 20th December 2018) know that I’ve changed the chapter numbers to remove the prologue (now chapter 1). It was never really a prologue and I was an idiot for calling it one. Now I can write a proper prologue to foreshadow things much later in the story, but that will be for another day. Do be warned this may break links to my story on external sites.


Happy holidays,

Calcium Oxide



Chapter 97: Revelation

Like a thousand-degree knife through a block warm butter, that name cuts through my veil of red. The two syllables resonate with my entire being and evaporate all my hatred and despair. It feels as I’m locked in an impossibly delicate embrace, and I’m too afraid to move another millimetre lest I lose that fleeting touch.

It’s a name from another lifetime.

A name only one woman would use…



“For the love of God, Tyler, snap out of it!”

“Huh, Lili!? Hachirou? What are you- Oh my god…”

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