A milestone on this long journey…

I-I did it. After a month of hard work and writing during lunch breaks, I finally released my milestone chapter. I wanted to prepare something special like a pilot chapter, but forget about it. I’m happy enough to release it as it is… although I had to end it on another damned cliffhanger. Sigh, I guess old habits die hard.

Regardless, I want to take this moment to thank everybody reading this, for sticking through with my story and encouraging me for all this time. I also want to thank those who are NOT reading this, those who stopped along the way, specifically during the second arc. Their criticism, and yours, really helped shape important points in the third arc. I do not know how many of you will be left at the end of this long journey, but that doesn’t matter. I am happy knowing that at some point I managed to entertain (or chop onions near you), and that is what makes writing Enbos’ adventure all worth it.

Kind regards,

Calcium Oxide

6 thoughts on “A milestone on this long journey…

  1. Although this isn’t my favorite novel, it is definitely one of my favorite novels. You have done a great job and I look forward to more stories of Enbos.


  2. I don’t usually comment due to someproblems with this device and finding wifi but know that I realy enjoy reading this novel. I started reading it after ziru(translator of ldm) suggested this to us long ago and it was a long nice ride since then. Keep up the good work~♥


  3. As long as it’s good, it worths the suspense and the wait.
    But I do wonder if the opinions shape the story in a good way, in a bad way, or somewhere in between (compared to your original design)? Since even though two heads are better than one, too many chefs usually ruin the food. (Well, this is just a nosy reader’s pov)


    1. Since I post on two sites, I get plenty of opinions that I tend to take to heart. Even now I’m planning on revising the latter half of Chapter 100 to cover holes in logic and raise the tension. One example of a significant change from the original plot was Enbos getting his hands on the Mellivorath’s soul. Someone (on Royal Road) said it would be funny if the Mellivorath died from tasting Hachirou’s cooking, so I actually wrote it. That one joke ended up giving Enbos a nifty powerup, and while it wasn’t crucial to the overall story, it really helped with the “Dance of Death” chapter to emphasis his rage, and I ended up scaling Tascus’ base strength to ridiculous levels.

      Of course, it can get pretty disheartening to read some comments, to the point that I hesitate pressing the publish button every. Single. Time… but I like to think the story is better for it once I see the hate for what it (usually) is: valid criticism. One of the most important chapters in Arc 3, “Hypocrisy”, was something I’ve been cooking up since the end of the second arc. People complained that Enbos was too soft, that he had fallen into the generic hero trope, but in my mind I always knew why, and I felt I finally got that reason across.

      So has an opinion ever shaped the story in a bad way? Maybe. I like to think I can make most ideas work if I give it enough thought, but it’s a rather dangerous trap because of one simple fact: you can’t please everybody. I always tread the line of writing for myself or for others.

      P.S. To the person who suggested alchemy back in Arc 2, or the person who thought of metal bones for Enbos, I’m still thinking about it.


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